The Pyramid

Beautiful Pyramids that put you in your vortex.

By popular demand!

Crown Me Queen Pyramid Candles are white healing candles with real gold pieces. These candles are meant to attract and aid in healing of the spirit, trauma healing, and/or any type of healing you need on you spiritual journey of growth. All candles are handmade by me with all natural coconut apricot wax, a hemp wick, and peony essential oil. (Candles are 4 in tall x 3 in wide at base) (This candle also comes in plain white without gold).

Divine Feminine Energy Pyramid Candles are pink with real flowers, sweet, light scented oils and dripped wax. The Divine Feminine is all about bringing out your most beautiful and empowering aspects. Getting in touch with your emotions, sensitivity, power, womb, and passions.

Self-Love candles are to invoke the power of self, the fire within, and to manifest confidence as well as growth.

Pyramids are for attracting, manifesting, and putting into action! The point of a pyramid points towards the universe to bring in its bountiful energy. Each candle is blessed as it looks. Each candle that is blessed is made with love in a space that is blessed with positive energy and sealed with its intended intention. If you would like to order this candle, plain and without blessings, it can be made upon request. Please always monitor burning candles and open flames.

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