The Beauty of Being Golden is Within the Spirit

The Golden Flower Birthing Co’s mission both in birth and esoterically is to provide enriching, positive experiences that you can carry in your heart for life. The goal is for every client and customer to feel deeply fulfilled, educated, and genuinely cared for. Every experience should feel authentic with an end result of inevitable growth.
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Meet Klarque

Doula Services in Austin, TX

Welcome to my site! I am happy to be able to connect and fellowship with you through both my birth work and energy work. Being a doula is a passion that is close to my heart and deeply personal. I feel honored to have found my life's calling in this field. My journey began when I attended a doula training course with Enlightened Mama (DONA) in Minneapolis, MN. After completing the course, I knew that this was the path I wanted to pursue wholeheartedly. I returned to Iowa, where I lived at the time, and started my own practice. I worked independently for a while and then joined a non-profit organization that catered to young mothers aged 12-22 as a doula coordinator. It was a fulfilling experience as I provided resources, taught childbirth education, and attended their births. After relocating to Austin, I worked as an on-call doula for a local collective before transitioning to a non-profit organization that supported black mothers.
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Divine Candles

Each product in the Golden Flower Esoteric is made with care and real magic! Carefully handmade with coconut apricot wax, natural herbs, genuine crystals, a hemp wick, and topped off with real flowers. The real flower touch is a signature of The Golden Flower Esoteric; the flowers bring both beauty and meaning. With every candle, you also get a handwritten intuitive reading and instructions. Each client is important and deserves a personable experience that leaves a lasting positive effect. No refunds on items or readings unless the item is not received or damaged.
Peace & Gratitude, Klarque
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Ways to Give

I am grateful to receive any donations towards educational supplies, services for black mothers, and supplies for my doula bag. My goal is to complete my midwifery education, which I am currently funding out of my own pocket. Your contribution, no matter how small, brings me closer to fulfilling my dreams of becoming a midwife and providing respectful care to my community. Thank you for your generosity!