Ethereal and Glowing

Serenity, new beginnings, and healing await!

These serene candles are meant to bring the spirit of healing into your realm, and to help create a path with the intentions of new beginnings. Healing of the spirit, heart, and mind. This candle is handmade by me with natural, vegan coconut apricot wax. Each candle is dressed with hand crafted healing intention oil and herbs, lastly the candles are blessed.

The tiniest candle is a rose baby candle made with a hemp wick, used for additional & supplemental acceleration. This candle compliments other Love Light or 7 day Candles well. (2.5 in tall x 1 in wide)

The next candle in size is the love light candle (4 in tall x 3 in mouth of jar), burns for about 5 days, made with a hemp wick. This candle is dressed with kunzite and clear quartz crystal chips, mulberries, and healing herbs.

The largest candle is the 7 day candle. Dressed with healing herbs, made with a hemp wick, mulberries, kunzite and clear quartz chips at the bottom.

Each candle is made with love in a space that is blessed with positive energy and sealed with its intended intention. If you would like to order this candle, plain and without blessings, it can be made upon request.

If you need help with how to use this product, feel free to message me :)! I do not mind helping.
(Love Light Candles pictured are now made with hemp wicks, wooden wicks are no longer going to be used).

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