Doula Services in Austin, TX

Services for Potential Birthing People

Our Doula Services offer personalized and compassionate support throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period, providing emotional, physical, and informational assistance to empower and guide individuals and families in making informed decisions and achieving a positive birthing experience and smooth transition into parenthood.

Birth Package

Labor support, personalized birth planning, comfort measures, advocacy, and expert guidance to ensure a memorable and empowering birthing experience for you and your family. Includes:
  • Support in Pregnancy, Labor, and Immediately Postpartum
  • Creation of a birth plan
  • Unlimited phone calls and text support when needed (for inquiries, comments or assistance)
  • On-call for you 2 weeks prior to EDD
  • Child birth education session
  • Infant Care Preparedness session
  • Monthly Pre-Natal sessions (Zoom or in-person)
  • Post-birth visit in-home
  • Access to doula 4 months post-partum
  • Basic lactation counseling
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Do you need help making a birth decision? You aren’t quite sure what you need? Hospital advice? Honest opinion with evidence-based answers? This would be an option for you. This option can also be used if you are not sure if you need a doula or what a doula is and you would like more information. Another example for this option would be needing help or advice on how to do things differently than your first pregnancy. I will always give unbiased consultation in every situation. However, I am not a substitute or replacement for matters related to serious medical diagnosis, illness, or injury.
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